Thursday, February 11, 2010

A snowy day in Texas!

It just keeps coming down & they say it will snow for another 10 hrs or so! It's very fun (since I don't have to go out in it) to see the big white flakes when I look out the window. It should all be gone tomorrow, but it's pretty while it lasts.
I grew up in Michigan; so this isn't the most snow I've ever seen. But I've lived all my adult life here, so snow is fairly unusual & a nice treat.


  1. I'm afraid we're going to need some documentation that this is TEXAS, LOL! It sure doesn't look like how I remember Texas! Actually, I grew up in the Houston area, and when I was in fifth grade, it snowed three times that year--amazing! Even more rare there than in the Dallas area, though my sister had snow at her house in early December this year.

  2. It sure is pretty! I think you enjoy it even more when you don't get very much of it :)