Thursday, October 27, 2011

Papertrey Princess Challange - Gratitude

It actually feels like fall here in Texas, today! So, my challenge to you is to consider people that you're grateful for & to consider all the fall-themed items in your stash.

Using your stash, make 5 gratitude/thankful cards for people who presently bless or who have in the past, blessed your life. I was thinking that they could be mini ones (this makes me wish I had the lunchbox note die) that you hand to people or regular-sized ones that you mail.

I will post my card later. The combination of a migraine yesterday & High School Art students doing their level best to get away with something because they had a sub (me) has fried my brain.

I plan on using the First Fruits paper pad that we rec'd at Stamp-A-Faire. What are you going to dig out?


  1. Great challenge, Sue! I, too, am a substitute teacher in the high school, so I can totally relate.
    I'm thinking of using my Gratitude Journal stamps wtih my lunchbox note dies (with a Ghiradelli chocolate tucked in there) and maybe Fall elegance, ohh, or falling leaves....

  2. That is a great challenge, I don't havethe die either but that hasn't stopped me from making lunch box notes.

  3. Great challenge!! I hope your migraine goes away and you get to play and make some cards!

  4. Thanks for posting our next challenge. Still need to get mine done. Mine won't be fall themed though as it's summer in SA now.